Thursday, February 26, 2015

Craven Railroad?

The TTC's Downtown Relief Line is in the news again, with a new poll calling it Toronto voters' highest priority, topping even the Scarborough subway and the Smart Track proposal that was John Tory's mayoral platform keystone last fall.

A series of public meetings will be held starting March 3 to explain a new Relief Line project assessment study and ask the public for feedback on potential station areas. More info at:

We've been here before – one hundred years ago.

After the widening of Erie Terrace (now Craven Road) in 1916, the street saw one more burst of newspaper coverage. Five articles between 1919 and 1921 mention a plan for a "Hydro radial," a railway radiating out along Ontario Hydro-owned rights-of-way from the city centre to the suburbs, one branch of which could have run right along Erie Terrace.

Who knows – perhaps one day it actually will! If the city needed to expropriate, Craven Road is still probably the least expensive real estate in eastern Toronto. [Edit: The March 3 Relief Line public meeting clarified that they'll be tunnelling rather than expropriating. And if I had to guess, the closest station we'd be likely to get is at Pape and Gerrard – you can still give input on potential station areas here.]

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.